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Born in Hegang, Heilongjiang Province, China, Ge has spent a significant portion of her life in Xiamen. In 2023, she relocated to Oakville, Canada. Ge predominantly employs paper-based visual media as her creative medium, focusing on issues related to human existence. Drawing from her own inner reflections, she uses surreal imagination to express her contemplation of contemporary societal symptoms. Her image collages epitomize the hybrid nature of modern culture and the reproductive quality of symbols. By grafting fragments of images onto other visuals, she imparts a more heterogeneous expression to symbols of the consumer era, extending the web of meaning they signify.

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My feeling

I don't know why I came into this world. Throughout my life, I've had many perplexities for which I couldn't find answers. On one hand, I have a deep love for the beauty of nature and all things wonderful. On the other hand, I feel remorse and sadness for my...

Zhouge was invited to participate in the French Art Exhibition

Zhouge was invited to participate in the French Art Exhibition in 2020. Several artists took photos of Zhouge's works Everyone expressed positive opinions on Zhouge’s artworks Several artists took photos with Zhouge's works Documents related to the...

15 Chinese artists participated in “Turkey-China”

Curators: Emine Tokmakkya (Turkey), Cai Qing (China) Time: March 2021 Goal: Our aim is to provide artist interaction during these pandemic days, to develop peace and friendship and tolerance among countries. Zhou Ge Live and work in Xiamen October 2019 "Inside and...

Tip · Off —On paper · supreme 2020

Curator: Changfeng Opening time: 2020 08 01 (Saturday) Exhibition address: Hongmei Cultural and Creative  Park Fermentation Art Center, Shenyang, China 2020 will be remembered as an unusual year. The coronavirus spreads globally, which has broken up numerous families...
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