I don’t know why I came into this world. Throughout my life, I’ve had many perplexities for which I couldn’t find answers. On one hand, I have a deep love for the beauty of nature and all things wonderful. On the other hand, I feel remorse and sadness for my uncontrollable selfishness, desires, and greed. I sense that my mind is torn in countless directions, and I grow weary of constantly changing masks on my face, yet I can’t seem to remove this mask. I often feel profound sadness, loneliness, and despair, but I lack the courage to leave this world.

I frequently feel incredibly small, to the extent that I often can’t find myself. Simultaneously, I also feel immensely powerful, to the point where I constantly seek to understand what kind of world this truly is. I often yearn to open my eyes and witness this beautiful world, but all I see is darkness before me. I thirst to hear this world with my ears, yet I only hear the same unchanging sound. I often want to scream desperately, but my throat has long been severed.

Half a century of life has twisted and tormented me, yet I still long for a ray of light to shine into my world. I dream of flying freely like a bird, drifting like a cloud. How I yearn to paint a world filled with vibrant colors with my brush! I strive and struggle, stretching my hands towards the light I feel in my heart. That light sensed my longing and gave me countless inspiration and strength. It enabled me to create beautiful works of art.

These works of art have allowed me to understand the songs of birds, the sound of the wind, the patter of rain. They have shown me the beauty of rainbows and vibrant flowers. They have allowed me to communicate freely with this world, without any barriers, and they have consoled my wounds. They’ve given me new hope and direction.