Curator: Changfeng

Opening time: 2020 08 01 (Saturday)

Exhibition address: Hongmei Cultural and Creative  Park Fermentation Art Center, Shenyang, China

2020 will be remembered as an unusual year. The coronavirus spreads globally, which has broken up numerous families and caused severe economic damages. It has broken many people’s hopes and dreams. It has forced many itineraries, plans and lives to change. The pandemic has caused the cancellation of our July show in Japan. Our New York show originally planned for November is now postponed indefinitely. It is a great honor to open the 2020 Paper·Supreme show at the Art Center of the Shenyang Hongmei Cultural and Creative Park as previously scheduled, after its launch at the Qingdao Tiantai Art Center on June 14. The journey continues after nine years of paper art.

The theme of the 2020 “On Paper • Supreme” exhibition is based on the idea of “explosive & material” – or baoliao in Chinese, which means “tip-off” – using explosive, sensational,  unexpected and eye-popping paper art, with “paper media” such as newspapers, magazines and books from around the globe taking the centre stage. It intends to reinvent and express the Self through textual deconstruction, tampering of graphics and change of forms in paper media.

Secondly, by studying the role of various “paper media” and the properties of visuals, discourse and media employed by the exhibiting artists, we challenge both the “instrumentalization” of various paper media and the general understanding of dogmatic thinking.

Subvert our understanding of the traditional “instrumentation” and dogmatic thinking of various paper media. All materialization with ideology ideally returns to the state of nature and free exchange of ideas. Promote the exploratory and experimental spirit of art on paper! Explaining the existence of self is our supreme artistic pursuit!

Zhou Ge

This exhibition will last until September,  I hope everyone will pay attention and watch it at any time.